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Why Michigan’s Ag Businesses Should Consider Ag Heritage Plates in Their Vehicle Fleet

Courtesy Michigan FFA Foundation

Perhaps you own a vehicle or several with the Michigan Agricultural Heritage plate. You’ll be able to spot more of these plates on the road thanks to a new challenge from Michigan’s FFA Foundation.

“A change was made that went into effect late 2019, and it allowed for commercial vehicles to have the vanity plates or the fundraising plates,” said Mary Kelpinski, CEO of the Michigan Pork Producers Association.

Kelpinski serves as the treasurer of the Michigan FFA Foundation Board. Now that ag businesses can sport these license plates, the Foundation is encouraging all Michigan ag businesses to have these plates on their company vehicles as part of the Ag Heritage License Plate Corporate Pledge Challenge.

“The commodity groups, any of the agricultural groups or any of the companies that have corporate-owned vehicles could get these fundraiser plates,” she said.

Michigan drivers can purchase the plates for $35 when registering or renewing their vehicle. $25 of that will be donated to support FFA and ag education programs in the state. The other $10 is contributed to the Michigan FFA Glassbrook Endowment Fund to make trips and events more affordable for FFA members.

“We’re trying to build up a foundation fund that is $8 million, so if we don’t have fundraisers in the future or if we don’t have the ability to raise more money, this $8 million will be completely financed,” said Kelpinski. “We’ll be able to carry out a good program here in Michigan.”

The Michigan Pork Producers Association, Michigan Corn Growers Association, Michigan Agricultural Commodities, and Michigan Farm Bureau have all made the pledge. Kelpinski urges both individuals and companies to get these plates.

“What better way for an agricultural organization to support youth in the state and show off they’re proud of their ag heritage,” said Kelpinski.

To purchase an Ag Heritage plate, click here.