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Michigan Farmers Depend on Local Radio

Car RadioMichigan farmers represent one of the most loyal radio segments of the population. Research indicates that 72% of farmers listen to radio for agricultural information at least 3 days per week; 86% listen at least 4 days per week; and 61% listen 5 days per week. A 2018 telephone survey of top Michigan farmers revealed that 87% had listened to radio that day. Farmer radio listening is consistent across ag demographics, with younger farmers listening even more than older producers.

Radio Fits Farming Lifestyle

Today’s farmer is mobile farming thousands of acres which often span multiple counties. They spend their days in the truck, the tractor, or the workshop. Local radio is their link to the markets, weather, and timely farm news. Farmers seek out stations that air this information. Michigan Ag Today programs are filled with this information and are also locally relevant. MAT programs focus on information that is of interest to Michigan farmers including local crop and weather conditions, local market prices as well as futures prices, and news about Michigan farm organizations.

Credible and Trusted

MAT farm broadcasters are credible and trusted by farmers statewide. Founded by well-known farm broadcaster Pat Driscoll, MAIN is known as a source for a reliable source of timely agricultural information. Ashley Davenport is based in Michigan and covers the state, attending meetings and news events.

The Perfect Place for Your Message

Michigan Ag Today programs provide an effective environment for your marketing message. Some of the nation’s oldest and largest brands use MAT year after year to deliver their message and brand their products in the minds of farmers. Placement of your message within or around farm programs on local radio stations provides credibility and reach to your message. MAT provides certified documentation on all orders, with exact days and times messages air on all stations.

For more information call MAT at 269-259-5047