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When to Apply Engenia Herbicide

With the new EPA dicamba registration, there is a universal cutoff date of June 30. With a concrete date set, Trevor Kraus, technical service representative for BASF, outlines when growers should be applying Engenia.

“The earlier we apply Engenia in the season, the better for two reasons,” said Kraus. “Dicamba is better on small, actively growing weeds so we don’t want to go when weeds are huge. The other thing is it helps mitigate some of the risk of off-target movement the earlier we [apply].”

Kraus says he’s seen a lot of success when Engenia has been used as part of a burndown.

“In a no-till situation, utilizing Engenia as part of the burndown gets excellent control of marestail,” he said. “It’ll give you a couple of weeks of residual broadleaf control. The other option if you’re working your ground and planting soybeans, come in early post with Engenia and layer in some additional residual.”

Zidua SC from BASF is also gives good residual control.

“That’s a nice way to use the Engenia early-post—add in the residual component, and we’ve seen excellent results,” said Kraus.