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Virtual Livestock Shows Taking Off

virtual-pig-showNumerous fairs and livestock exhibitions have been canceled this year due to COVID-19. However, virtual shows are taking off.

John Heins, Pork Checkoff manager of producer and state engagement, says exhibitors are preparing short videos with their projects and are competing virtually.

“Participation in these shows across the nation has been record setting thus far,” said Heins. “On average, several of these instances have had more than 1,500 entrees from coast-to-coast and it really gives the youth exhibitor the opportunity to showcase their projects, and to be able to work with and present those animals in a format in which they’re judged in a competition in the event that they were unfortunately not able to have a live youth livestock exhibition.”

Showing pigs as a young person has been a great way to begin a career in the swine industry. That can continue in this new online venue. There are a handful of options for virtual shows.

“I would recommend people go to www.showpig.com or www.thepigplanet.com,” said Heins. “There’s also two additional companies that have done a lot of work in hosting these virtual shows across the nation and are actually running them as a points series: Walton Webcasting and The Backyard Bonanza.”

If youth participate in all the shows in the series, they have the opportunity to be the points champion on that virtual show circuit, which would be similar to showing their animals at a live exhibition.

“These shows are open to participants and youth all across the nation that want the opportunity to showcase their animals in a virtual format,” said Heins.