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Using NANOCAL To Aid Proper Cell Division in Potatoes, Sugarbeets


The importance of using calcium for proper sugarbeet and potato growth. And grain markets closing higher.

At the onset of tuber or bulb formation in sugarbeets or potatoes, a crop’s demand for available calcium spikes.

If that calcium isn’t available, there could be a problem with cells dividing properly. ENCOURAGE NANOCAL is a soil-applied, sub-micronized calcium particle that can be absorbed through the root system.

Fran Campbell, northeast territory manager with Oro Agri, says it’s the best way to get the most out of your money compared to a foliar application of gypsum.

“It’s not a replacement for gypsum or lime, it’s an addition in most cases,” said Campbell.

In sugarbeets and potatoes, ENCOURAGE NANOCAL has been shown to improve the gravity of the crop.

“It’s when that cell is dividing is the key—that’s when it needs calcium most,” he said. “In the case of potatoes, we put the ENCOURAGE NANOCAL on at hook. The sugarbeets, they will normally go on with an herbicide application after the beets are up at a quart per acre. It’s a cellular division issue—it has to be there when the cell is dividing to make sure those cells are dividing properly.”

ENCOURAGE NANOCAL is a pioneer in the marketplace, and Campbell says it’s unique.

“Nobody has any chemistry or product like ENCOURAGE NANOCAL because not only is it a sub-micronized particle of calcium, which nobody has right now, it also has the “encourage” part which is part of plant growth and development.”

For more information, visit oroagri.com or talk with your local ag retailer.