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Using Michigan-Grown Montmorency Tart Cherries in Holiday Dishes

Tart cherries. Photo: Cherry Marketing Institute

If your holiday dishes typically look a little bland, this year you might consider adding a pop of U.S-grown, Montmorency tart cherry red. Julie Gordon, president of the Cherry Marketing Institute, said not only are cherries known for health benefits, but it’s also a preferred baking item.

“Our ruby red tart cherries add a pop of color to bakery items from muffins to scones to classic cherry pie,” she said. “Another unique characteristic is they don’t bleed when you bake them like other countries’ tart cherries. Montmorency tart cherries bring a spark of color and taste to all sorts of desserts.”

They look and taste great, and 75 percent of the product is grown right here in Michigan. There’s plenty of options to use them outside of baked goods.

“They’re also a perfect addition to any sauce or gravy,” said Gordon. “They do well in stuffings, and add a pop to salads, smoothies, and they can be used in any kind of cocktail.”

Because Montmorency cherries are found frozen, canned, dried, and juice, Gordon said this versatility makes cherries the perfect addition to holiday meals.