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Update on Michigan’s Dry Bean Crop, Commission

Michigan Dry Beans, Credit: Michigan Bean Commission
Michigan Dry Beans, Credit: Michigan Bean Commission

According to the latest crop progress report for Michigan, last week’s sunny weather was beneficial to the state’s dry bean harvest. 53 percent of the state’s dry beans have been harvested.

Even though that falls behind the five-year average of 78 percent completed, dry bean harvest has wrapped up for Allen Bischer of Gentner-Bischer Farms in Minden City.

He reports quality is good, but some growers could see yield losses in later planted beans.

“I would say an average between 20 and 25 bags in most areas, but some will drop down to 18 bags to the acre,” said Bischer. “The quality is still hanging in there. There’s some later beans that are going to be a while.”

The navy bean market has seen gains of a few dollars while the black market hasn’t seen much movement. Bischer believes this is because of production problems out West.

“Most of the growers are holding on to their beans now to see what the market’s going to do in the next while because we know our competitors out West are struggling,” he said.

Recently, there was a vote held by the state’s dry bean producers to continue the Michigan Bean Commission for an additional five years, ending Dec 2024. Bischer was glad with the results of the vote, and believes the benefits will stretch farther than Michigan.

“We have to have over 50 percent of the votes representing over 50 percent of the beans harvested, and it passed unanimously,” said Bischer. “That’s a good thing for the bean industry to see that continue to research and promote beans, not only locally but around the world.

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