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The Harvest Window Remains Largely Open

Colder air moving over Michigan is going to increase cloud cover dramatically over the 4-5 days. That according to Michigan Ag Today Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin in his Harvest Weather Forecast brought to you by Seed Genetics Direct and Greenstone Farm Credit Services.

Martin believes those clouds could produce some hit and miss showers, especially as you get closer to Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.

“And then we have a minor upper-level low that tries to work across northern Michigan into Ontario on Saturday. That’s going to trigger waves of very light rain. Not a lot, a few hundredths to a tenth or two, that’s all. Coverage will end up being about 60% to 70% of the state, particularly Lower Michigan. So, this is an instance where the new moisture is not going to cause many problems, but what it does do is keep us from drying at all on Saturday and we may see drying struggle a little bit on Sunday as well even though clouds break for sunshine.”

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Martin’s forecast calls for frost and freeze conditions over all of Michigan next week.

“We also see a low-pressure area move across Michigan Monday afternoon/Monday night through Tuesday that gives a good round of moisture. I’ll say anywhere from a tenth to half an inch of rain with 90% coverage over Lower Michigan, and the UP could see a few showers as well. Once again, not an over-the-top amount of liquid, but we’re definitely not drying anything quickly.”


Martin has good news for the second half of next week.

“We’re still cool on Thursday but drier, and then we see temperatures really rally for the Friday, Saturday, Sunday timeframe. We’re looking at temperature levels very equal to what we saw last week and the week prior. So, we’re staying warm and dry. That’s going to be a great harvest window and I think that extends through the 25th and 26th as well here in Michigan.”

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