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Southern Michigan to Receive Overnight Rain Before Next Week’s “Unsettled” Forecast

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Moisture will be trying to work its way into Michigan late on Wednesday, mostly in northern Michigan during the day.

Moving into the overnight, Michigan Ag Today Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin says there will be a cluster of showers and storm across southern Michigan.

“By the time we get to sunrise Thursday morning, about 08 percent of the state will have seen moisture of ¼ inch to 1 inch,” he said. “That comes down to thunderstorms: what kind of storms do we see? Is it enough to push the big areas up into the upper end of the range?”

For the remainder of Thursday, the clouds will stick around, and there won’t be any additional moisture. Then Martin is calling for an “unsettled” forecast.

“I see no precipitation for Friday and Saturday—it looks like most of the action is going to be a little farther to the north overnight Saturday night into Sunday night’s thunderstorm outbreak across Michigan drifting north to south,” he said. “If we go through Monday and Tuesday, we’re looking partly sunny while areas farther south see pop-up storms.”

A big cluster of thunderstorms will make its presence known on Wednesday July 22, which could bring ½ inch to 2 inches of rain throughout the state.

“On again, off again in terms of moisture,” said Martin. “It’s not excessive, and I do think there’s plenty of opportunity to miss that moisture. Temperatures are above normal.”