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Rupp Seeds Preparing for 2021, Excitement Around XtendFlex

Rupp Seeds are at work preparing for the 2021 planting season. This year, that involves COVID precautions. According to John Richards, district sales manager, they’ve been making sure everyone stays safe placing their spring orders.

“The industry before was in person,” he said. “Right now, if you can get everything accomplished over the phone, computer, or email, that’s the safest way to go about it, and gives you a paper trail.”

If you get your seed orders placed in time, Richards says there shouldn’t be any problems with supply.

“This year, a lot of our soybean seed growers had great yields, so we’re going to have plenty of inventory,” he said. “Our corn inventory, nothing to worry about there.”

One of the biggest innovations coming to the market this spring are XtendFlex soybeans. Richards is calling them “the new wave of the future.”

“With the recent ruling on dicamba, you can still spray dicamba over the top of these soybeans as well,” said Richards. “Liberty gives them a great option if they’re not comfortable spraying dicamba. These beans are going to have very good genetics you can utilize the traits to keep them clean and have a good, positive experience with the soybean variety itself.”

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