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Planting Window Opens Despite Cooler Temps Hampering Dry-Down

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Compared to earlier this week, MAT chief meteorologist Ryan Martin says the next 10 days look to be pretty favorable to get crops in the ground.

“We are looking at cooler air coming in over the next week or so, especially after this weekend,” he said. “On precipitation, we seem to dodge a couple waves that seem to want to come by a little bit farther to our south over parts of Indiana and Ohio.”


We’ll see clouds Wednesday into early Thursday with a few sprinkles, but moisture will be limited to a couple tenths of an inch. By the end of next week, the weather pattern is slightly unsettled. However, Martin says we’ll make it through without a lot of precipitation threats.

“As you move through Friday the 8th, you might have to keep an eye out for a quarter of an inch or so I-96 southward with 60 percent coverage, but that’s all,” he said. “Keep in mind we’re looking at cooler temperatures for most of next week. Even on these days where moisture isn’t that big, if we see clouds and a little bit of moisture, we’re not going to be seeing significant drying.”

In terms of temperatures, it looks like this weekend will be picture-perfect.

“Great evaporation this Saturday and Sunday, but once the cooler air comes, we’ll slowly pull that evaporation back,” he said. The extended window from the 11th through the 15th or 16th, we’ll see temperatures come up even though the pattern may turn slightly more active.”