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Moisture in the Weekend Weather Forecast

Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin has moisture in his weekend Harvest Weather Forecast brought to you by Seed Genetics Direct and Greenstone Farm Credit Services.

“A big weather system coming out of the Plains is going to be bringing moisture across Michigan for your Friday night and Saturday focusing initially on the UP, but through the day Saturday and Saturday evening Lower Michigan gets good moisture as well. I think for most of the state we’re talking a tenth to 3/4 of an inch, but parts of the UP can be over an inch due to the close proximity of the low. The low is tracking through Wisconsin, so some heavier moisture in the UP for sure.”

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Martin’s forecast clears up as we go through Sunday.

“I think we get sunshine back by midafternoon in most locations and we’re on our way then to a pretty nice start to the work week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday all looking sunny and dry as high pressure is sitting right on top of us. The only hiccup I see on Wednesday is going to be a little bit of moisture trying to come over the top of the high through northern Wisconsin and into the UP. So, on Wednesday, more clouds in the UP and I look for maybe a few hundredths to a tenth or two of moisture. Nothing farther south.”


We’ll see next week finish off dry on Thursday and Friday, “but then we see moisture coming in with cold air for the weekend, the 12th and 13th,” Martin says. “We could see anywhere from a tenth to half an inch of moisture with coverage at 75% of the state, both the UP and Lower Michigan. I think that the bigger story is going to be well below normal temperatures that then sit over the top of us from Sunday the 13th right on through the first part of that next week.”

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