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Michigan Hay Listing Network Adding Silage Option

It’s October in Michigan and frost might soon be in the forecast. If it hits before the corn crop is mature, farmers might have to resort to chopping the corn for silage.

When the Michigan Hay Listing Network originally began, it was used for dry hay. Then came a demand for haylage and bailage. According to Phil Kaatz with MSU Extension, they’ve added silage into the mix.

“With the advent of this year’s delayed planting and all the challenges farmers have had with getting forages harvested, we wanted to try and provide an opportunity for people to add corn silage to the list o they have corn they know is not going to mature,” said Kaatz.

Kaatz says the network allows for an arrangement to be made between the producer and the user. If you’re a grower, Kaatz says make an account online, include what you have, the amount, and what county you’re in.

“Once it’s listed online, anybody across the state can access that information and say, ‘Oh, he’s close enough—I think I could use what he has,’” said Kaatz.

The silage option was added to the site the end of September to give anyone the opportunity to purchase what they need.

“I know many of the farmers have already had their forages ready to go, but for those that are looking for something, we’re going to try and provide them with an opportunity,” he said.

To create an account, visit web2.canr.msu.edu/hay.