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Michigan Farmer Stresses Importance of Postal Service to Rural America


Last week, President Trump decided against an additional $25 billion for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) because of mail-in voting. He told Fox News that how it’s been run is one of the “disasters of the world.”

“I want to make the post office great again,” he said.

Cheryl Kobernik of North Star Organics in Frankfort and Rural America 2020, says withholding that money is causing voters to make the choice. It’s either risking their health or performing their civic duty.

“The post office is a lifeline in rural America—it’s not a toy to play political games with,” she said. “The financial straits of the USPS, as of today, has been there for three and a half years. Why are we attacking it now? We rely on the post office to pay bills and receive our medications and link to the outside world.”

North Star Organics relies heavily on the USPS when it comes to USDA programming. Kobernik adds that USPS is crucial to her business.

“If I don’t have the mail to do my applications for the USDA Farm Service Agency, I have to drive 55 miles to my nearest office, whereas they send me an envelope with my applications [for paperwork] that requires my signature,” said Kobernik. “Timing is important. If I don’t meet the deadlines of getting my application and my signature in, I can potentially lose some of my farm programming benefits.”

In many parts of rural America, FedEx or UPS isn’t an option.

“The postal service is the only service that stretches into communities,” said Kobernik. “Through rain, snow, heat and dark of night, and even a pandemic, it’s really important we retain this lifeline as it is the largest employer of veterans and has a 91 percent approval rating across the country.”