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McDonald’s a Big Supporter of Michigan Agriculture Today and Tomorrow

This FFA Week, McDonald’s of Michigan is proud to salute the next generation of farmers from the Great Lakes State!

McDonald’s has long been a supporter of Michigan agriculture. Keith Berg owns and operates seven McDonald’s restaurants in West Michigan, many of them in rural communities. He explains that McDonald’s purchased over $160 million worth of Michigan ag products in 2021.

“Over 13 million pounds of apples, 3 million pounds of beef, 600,000 pounds of blueberries, 1.2 million pounds of cheese, 35 million pounds of corn, and 54 million pounds of cucumbers. The biggest one is eggs, almost 55 million dozen eggs- that’s a lot of eggs! 2 million gallons of milk and 3.4 million pounds of pork as well.”

Berg operates two McDonald’s in Battle Creek, and restaurants in Caledonia, Hastings, Ionia, Lake Odessa, and Gun Lake.

Berg says that first and foremost, he’s proud to be a Michigander, and he’s very proud to be able to support Michigan farmers in this way. He adds that working with Michigan suppliers and farmers is very near and dear to his heart, because he knows that those products are coming from great people and great families.

“Our customers are increasingly wanting to know where their food comes from. That’s important to them and it’s important to their families too. Trust. So, we have a lot of customers come through our drive throughs or come inside each and every day, and it’s something I treasure. To have our customers trust that we have great products that we can serve them and their families.”

So, Berg and McDonald’s say thank you, Michigan farmers. And they’re proud to salute the next generation of agriculture this National FFA Week.