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MABA’s Compelling Line-Up for Winter Conference, Adds Extra Day to Accomodate

The Michigan Agri-Business Association’s annual Winter Conference is one of the most important events it holds each year. According to Chuck Lippstreu, president of MABA, that’s not going to change this year with the event going online.

“We’re not going to deliver the same type of experience to anybody who is part of our winter conference as you would get downtown at the Lansing Center,” he said. “But this year, there’s a few things we’re going to make sure that it’s still a value for our members and those in Michigan agriculture.”

MABA will still have all its certification and training programs throughout the online conference.

“RUP credits, CCA credits, applicator training is still part of our virtual events,” said Lippstreu. “Obviously it’ll be a little bit different, but it still gives people that opportunity to get their credits.”

Lippstreu added that there will still be a compelling lineup of speakers.

“Professionals from around the country and around Michigan who have expertise in a range of areas, not just agronomy and production, but some policy issues, economics, trade and beyond,” he said. “We’re going to have a lot of discussion about logistics, industry-specific discussions—we have content for everybody.”

In order to get all of this accomplished, Lippstreu said there will be an extra day added to accommodate, but the presentations will be in the mornings only.

“No virtual meeting is going to be the same as coming together in person—it’s just not the same,” he said. “We had very clear goals: deliver the continuing education and deliver the industry outlook information that many of our members count on from the Winter Conference and do it in a way that’s as easy as possible for our members.”

Registration for MABA’s Winter Conference has been streamlined so you can attend as much or as little of the conference you want. If you miss a session, there will be events that will be rebroadcast at a later date. To register, visit MiAgBiz.org.