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MABA President: We Could See “An Awful Lot” of Crop if 2020 is “Normal”

Growers are taking a look at market prices and trying to figure out what they should be doing.

According to Jim Byrum, president of the Michigan Agribusiness Association, markets are a challenge.

“If production goes back to normal next year—if we actually see decent weather, regular crop in the ground and get it harvested—we’re going to have an awful lot of commodity around the countryside,” said Byrum. “We still have a lot of beans from this year, corn is challenged—it’s important to remember the amount of acres that never got planted because of prevented planting.”

With weather conditions, getting to the optimum yield in Michigan was also a challenge. Byrum said what farmers have done and are doing to get the crop out aren’t going to leave behind good field conditions for this spring.

“That will probably impact yield as well, but if we get the crop on the ground, there’s going to be an awful log of grain,” he said.

When it comes to marketing the crop, Byrum suggests looking at what the norm is going to be or what you expect the norm to be.

“That’s difficult to accept that maybe markets aren’t what you’d like to see, but reality is nasty, but it’s still reality,” said Byrum.

Processors in Michigan are looking for product since it’s been a tough year. They might be offering incentives for growers to contract, so check with your local processors to try to price product for 2020.