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Less Humidity This Week But Rain Chances Monday, Wednesday

Once we get through some chances of moisture in Michigan on Monday, the rest of the week should be pleasant. Michigan Ag Today Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin the rain on Monday is going to be segmented.

“I’m not looking at a big amount, but I won’t rule out another quarter to half inch in parts of the state,” he said. “Coverage may only be about 20 to 25 percent. It looks like the focal point of the moisture from this point forward is a little farther south.”

How far south? The bulk of the rain will be in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. However, once that moisture passes through, cooler and less humid weather will prevail.

We’re dry most of this week with the exception being Wednesday. Martin is forecasting a tiny disturbance that drifts across central or lower Michigan.

“It’s not as strong of a feature as it was one or two model runs ago, but there’s still a little blip of moisture I want to pay attention to,” said Martin. “I’m seeing it come together across parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and try to come down—the models are split on where it goes.”

That system could cover 40 percent of the state and could drop as much as a half inch of rain.

“Through the balance of the week, it’s going to be interesting because there’s a significant area of low pressure,” said Martin. “This could be the remains of a tropical feature interacting with a jet stream low that comes shooting out of the central Plains.”