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Importance of Fall Residual Weed Control

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We learned quite a few lessons this year, but what did we learn on the weed management side of things? Jeff Ellis, market development specialist for Corteva says the biggest thing is utilizing residual products.

“It’s imperative they take the time to put out a residual product,” he said. “Once we get into the season, it gains us a little more time to put out your post-products to control anything that’s come up after the residual has sort of played out.”

Ellis thinks that because farmers were so determined to get the crop in the field with the wet spring, that they forgot how important residual products are, and as we move closer to 2020, farmers should be keeping that in mind.

“They were fighting large weeds, weeds that depending on which crop you’re in, without using those residuals, they’re putting everything in one basket,” said Ellis. “Post control, your options are limited—[with] larger weeds, weed control is much more difficult to do.”

Ellis suggests that if you are able to get some tillage done this fall, nutrient management or weed control, he says it spreads the workload and will help in 2020.

“There’s a lot of weeds in the seed bank because a lot of weeds didn’t get controlled prior to harvest, so it’s imperative we stay on top of it this year,” he said. “It’s much easier to control a weed before it comes up with the use of residual products.”

For more information on the best residual products to use this fall, talk to your local Corteva representative.