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Hughes Seed Solutions Offering Crop Scouting, Seed Options for 2021

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Harvest is still in the forefront, but it’s never too early to start planning for next year’s in-season needs.

Stacey Hughes is the owner of Hughes Seed Solutions in Liberty. Her business offers several scouting services from emergence on through the growing season.

“Checking stand evaluations, replant considerations and checking the emergence,” she said. “Emergence can be very telling for us early on—the potential of that particular field—and I like to know those issues ahead of time that way we’re not surprised by something come harvest.”

During this year’s scouting, Hughes saw a high corn root worm population and have been providing extra services.

“We’ve had some growers put out side-by-sides from SmartStax to Double PRO hybrids to ensure that the grower’s making the most economical choice for their seed needs to see whether they needed that below-ground protection or not,” she said.

Now that most of Michigan’s soybeans have been cut, Hughes Seed Solutions has been working with its customers to assess fields for soybean cyst nematodes.

“Helping them collect soil samples after harvest, submitting them to the MSU Diagnostics lab so we can determine the need for soybean cyst nematode-resistant varieties, which is critical now as they’re making their seed purchases for next year,” said Hughes.

As growers are starting to consider seed options for 2021, Hughes sells Specialty Hybrids, and said its wide variety of trait packages gives farmers a lot of options.

“From SmartStax to conventional with a range of price points, it really helped us put together a whole farm plan with industry-leading price points for farms of all types and sizes,” she said.

Right now, Specialty Hybrids has an early cash discount option. Hughes said many growers are taking advantage of those savings.

“We’re having a lot of conversations, whether it’s at the breakfast table or in the combine with them,” she said. “We’re going ahead and putting our best foot forward with our best guess and we can tweak those orders after harvest and really put together a whole farm plan before planting comes next spring.”