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How Syngenta’s Tendovo Herbicide Can Maximize Soybean Yields

Chad Threewits, Agronomy Service Representative with Syngenta. Photo: C.J. Miller / Michigan Ag Today.

When it comes to your soybean fields this year, you shouldn’t have to choose between powerful weed control and keeping your crops safe from stress and injury. That’s why there’s a new pre-emergence herbicide from Syngenta that does both for your soybeans.

“We have a very broad portfolio at Syngenta when it comes to soybean products, and this is just another tool in our toolbox to maximize yields,” says Chad Threewits (shown above), Agronomy Service Representative with Syngenta, talking about Tendovo ®, their new broad-spectrum pre-emergence herbicide for soybeans.

“We’re looking to maximize our weed management and resistance management with Tendovo ®, as it focuses on ragweeds and water hemp,” according to Threewits. “It gives us more residual than we probably ever had before in a soybean product. It’s that corn level of residual and control while still integrating that to any trait package of soybeans that growers are running today.”

He says Tendovo ® not only controls weeds before they emerge, but it also doesn’t cause unnecessary injury to your soybean crops.

“That’s one thing as farmers, as we plant earlier and we tend to see some problems with some other products that can be harder on the beans, the earlier you plant when it’s cold and wet, we’ve seen that this product has extremely good crop safety. I think that it’s important to get off to a good start. As the beans get developed early in that season, it just really helps give us with our full potential yield all throughout the year,” says Threewits.

Most of all, Threewits says that Tendovo ® can deliver more bushels, as well as a potential higher return on investment.

“One thing we talk about at Syngenta is, ‘Better yield is the better deal,’” says Threewits. “It’s not always about the lowest cost product out there. It’s about the products that can return the most to that acre or that profit potential. That’s one thing we really focus on with the Syngenta portfolio across the board and understand it’s not just about the cheapest thing we can put out there. It’s about the product that will give us the most return back and make us the most profitable.”

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