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Having A Complete Michigan Grown Holiday Meal

Photo: Michigan GROWN, Michigan GREAT
Photo: Michigan GROWN, Michigan GREAT

We’ve got a handful of days before Thanksgiving, and the procrastinators that still haven’t made a trip to get your Thanksgiving ingredients, now’s your chance to have a Pure Michigan meal and support our farmers.

“We enjoy more than 300 amazing, great tasting food and products that are grown in the Mitten because Michigan is the second agriculturally diverse state in the country,” said Noelle Nachreiner, executive director of Michigan GROWN, Michigan GREAT. “We have over 60,000 farm families that are helping produce and grow that food and those products every day.”

Because of the agricultural diversity, you can get everything from the meat, sides, and dessert from right here in the state.

“There is a large number of turkey farms here in Michigan,” said Nachreiner. “A lot of them farmer on the west side of the state near Grand Rapids.”

If turkey isn’t your choice of meat during the holiday season, there are other options.

“Michigan hams are a wonderful selection that you can pick during the holidays,” she said.

While most of the potatoes grown in Michigan are turned into chips, you can purchase others in stores including Meijer and Kroger.

“Most fresh potatoes you find in Michigan are Michigan potatoes,” she said. “A tag on your bag of potatoes will say ‘Michigan Potatoes.’”

If you like cranberry sauce, Nachreiner said there are quite a few cranberry bogs in the Upper Peninsula and in the northern part of the Lower Peninsula.

“A lot of fresh cranberries you find in the store right now would come from Michigan,” she said.

And arguably the best part of holiday meals: desserts.

“We ranked third in the nation in apple production, and we ranked first in the nation in tart cherry production,” said Nachreiner. “If you like apples or cherries in your pies for the holiday season, those are great ways to incorporate Michigan fruits. We produce a lot of pumpkin, so if you love pumpkin pie, you can do that.”

Don’t forget your Michigan Sugar Company Pioneer Big Chief brand sugar when you’re baking desserts or sweetening your coffee, or Michigan-grown vegetables for a side dish.