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Harvest Forecast: Weather Has Room For Improvement

The weather has plenty of room for improvement, and it looks like this is the week to do it.. This is the MAT Harvest Weather Forecast brought to you by GreenStone Farm Credit Services, your trusted source for financing, crop insurance, and tax and accounting services for your farm business.

According to chief meteorologist Ryan Martin, there’s no significant frontal boundaries coming, we’re still at Mother Nature’s mercy with the wind flowing across the Great Lakes.

“[In the] short term, any kind of hit and miss cloud cover is going to be limited to northern parts of the state,” said Martin. “We do have a minor disturbance that wants to cross the Great Lakes region later this weekend into early next week—doesn’t have a lot of moisture with it.”

Temps are supposed to be below normal for the next 4 to 5 days. But next week, we’ll see warmer temperatures with air coming from the south to possibly melt some of the snow.

“We’re not looking at a fantastic setup, but I do think we might be able to see some selective fieldwork headed into the first part of next week,” said Martin.

It looks like it’s going to remain dry, at least until Thursday or Friday.

“The next round of precipitation holds off until later next week,” said Martin. “I think we’ll see coverage around 60 to 70 percent of Michigan. We’re in a dryer forecast window, it just comes down to weather temperatures.”