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Farm Employment Seminars to Educate on Labor, Compliance Issues

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Navigating H-2A, finding labor, training, and keeping up with the latest COVID regulations can be difficult. However, the Great Lakes Ag Labor Services, Michigan Farm Bureau, and Varnum are hosting a series of farm employment seminars next week to share the latest developments.

“The way that the tight labor market is today, farms needing help, and the layers of all the other things that are going on with respect to regulations, it’s very confusing,” says Sarah Black, general manager of GLALS. “This is an opportunity to sort a lot of that out to really give farmers that employ any type of labor on their farm good direction.”

The ag labor market has contracted a lot in the last year. Traverse City, Lawrence, Hudsonville and Novi will host these meetings January 18 through the 21 to clear up any confusion farmers have.

“We’re going to focus on what’s coming down the pike from the regulatory and legislative, we’re going to get an update on what’s happening in D.C. on ag labor reform and immigration, what we can expect from the Biden administration in year two,” says Black. “We’re going to spend some time on compliance and look at the rules are with respect to OSHA and COVID compliance issues that are still in play.”

Ag labor shortages aren’t anything new for producers, so sessions will also talk about sourcing new labor.

“Part of the sessions will talk about what the options are for legal guest workers—programs like H-2A and H-DB, what does these service models look like, and where to go if you’re looking for information or someone to help,” says Black.

There’s still time to register for the in-person events, as well as a virtual option. To register, click here.