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EPA Approves New Dicamba Formulations Until 2026

The EPA made the announcement Tuesday it will register dicamba for over-the-top use. The organization approved new dicamba formulations for the next five years, beginning in 2021.

Administrator Andrew Wheeler said decision will provide certainty to soybean and cotton growers as they make future purchasing decisions.

“Our career staff reviewed significant amounts of new scientific information and carefully considered input from stakeholder groups,” said Wheeler. “EPA has determined these registration actions made stiffer registration standards and address the concerns outlined in the June Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision.”

There will be new mitigation efforts to make sure the product is used effectively and safely.

“There will be a national cutoff date of June 30 on soybeans for all over-the-top uses of dicamba,” said Wheeler. “An approved pH buffering agent will be required to be mixed with the dicamba products prior to all application to lower volatility.”

EPA has also increased the required downwind buffer to 240 feet and an endangered species buffer of 310 feet. Wheeler added that the 2020 registration labels provide new flexibilities for growers and states.

“There are opportunities for growers to use hooded sprayers as an alternative control method to reduce buffers based on the data we have collected on hooded sprayers,” he said. “If a state wishes to expand the over-the-top use of dicamba to better meet local needs, the agency will work with them to support their goals.”

Wheeler said this motion demonstrates the Trump administration can ensure the protection of public health and the environment and be responsive to the agriculture community in tandem.