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Enogen Hybrids: The Benefits of Feeding Silage Faster

It can take months for silage to properly ferment. But what if you could do it in a shorter timeframe? Enogen Feed hybrids have the ability to ferment in less time.

“With the enzyme in there breaking your starch down quicker, it actually helps it to ferment faster, which leads to a better-quality silage pile,” says Rebekah Shirley, Enogen account lead for Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. “It’ll actually lead to it being a little bit better preserved over the long term into next summer, so you can be able to feed the silage quicker and have a better-quality pile for your feed.”

She says having this shorter fermentation window allows for many flexibilities.

“Especially if you’re adding on cows to your production, had a bad silage year or you’re a few acres short last year, you’re going to be a little bit constrained on your feed,” says Shirley. “It really helps to be able to use fresh feed quicker and to know you’re going to get a good quality product faster and all year long.”

Shirley says as producers are making their decisions for 2022, Enogen would be a quick and easy substitution.

“Anything to make us more efficient and make us have more health in those animals can help our farms’ overall profitability, and that’s what we’re here to do,” she adds. “You can make a little bit more with the same practices you’re doing now by changing what bag of seed you put in the ground—it’s going to be a huge advantage for your farm.”

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