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Corteva Offering A New Way To Purchase Crop Protection Products

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Instead of waiting for rebates and complex programs, Corteva Agriscience is now offering TruChoice.

According to Ron Geis, market development specialist with Corteva, TruChoice is a way for farmers to purchase crop protection products through three different ways.

“It’s a farmer offer with three elements: Corteva Cash, driven by their Pioneer seed purchase; TruChoice Prepay, it’s a way a farmer can deposit money up front and realizing upfront savings on crop protection products; and TruChoice Finance—not tied to the seed purchase, but a farmer can finance crop protection inputs through his local retailer at a very attractive interest rate not due until December next year,” said Geis.

More than 100 different products that qualify so farmers get savings upfront.

“If a farmer wants to utilize one product or as many as 100 products, any and all of them qualify for the TruChoice programs,” said Geis.

On average, Geis says farmers saved an average of $7 million, and he expects it to save farmers more in 2020, especially based on some of the key products that were financed on TruChoice.

“In the row crop market, that would have been Rezicore corn herbicide, Sonic soybean herbicide, and Approach Prima fungicide,” he said.

For more information on TruChoice, contact your local Corteva dealer.