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Choosing the Right Seed Treatments for 2022

The middle of November is not too early to start thinking about seed treatments for 2022.

Josh Whelan, Pioneer field agronomist, says with farmers putting in their orders, more are starting to think about LumiGEN.

“LumiGEN is a series of different seed treatments, so the entire system’s been designed for our genetics,” says Whelan. “It’s focused on protecting our performance and making sure our products perform the best they can.”

For soybeans, in 2022, Lumiderm will be available as an insecticide. Whelan is excited with its availability.

“It helps shield soybean seedlings against twice the number of insect species when compared to Gaucho, which is another pretty common insecticide seed treatment,” says Whelan. “Compared to Gaucho, you’re seeing a consistent one- to two-bushel yield advantage.”

Lumisena is also available for soybeans for fungicide control.

“Phytophthora is the number one disease in soybeans, and I saw a little bit of that this year,” says Whelan. “It’s the most advanced seed-applied technology to protect against phytophthora. It’s also going to enhance your vigor, emergence and improve your soybean plant yield. Lumisema can provide up to a four-bushel advantage over standard treatments in high-pressure environments.”

To talk about what seed treatment option will be right for you, talk with your local Pioneer dealer.