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AgroLiquid Introduces springuP Liquid Phosphorus to Product Portfolio

AgroLiquid has introduced a new liquid phosphorus product to its lineup: sprinuP.

According to Galynn Beer, national sales manager, a lot of producers were wanting an initial phosphorus supply to the plant as it emerges.

“Maybe they’ve met their phosphorus needs for a dry application or manure—they’re just looking for something to make sure the plant gets off to a healthy start,” said Beer. “That’s the purpose of springuP—a fatter release form of phosphorus, and it can also mix well with any of our micronutrients to build a prescriptive program.”

springuP fits in with AgroLiquid’s line up because it matches the company’s focus on season-long seeding. There was a gap in the portfolio to meet the needs of their customers.

“With these higher yields and guys using a lot of different management practices, we had some request from our existing customer and people beyond saying, ‘We love your micronutrient potassium products and sulfur products, but what we need from you is something to get that crop off and running more quickly,’” said Beer.

Beer said it’s also a result of a greater awareness of micronutrients as it relates to plant health and yield.

“[Farmers] want something they know they’re getting some phosphorus into that plant at planting time, but they also want an even distribution of some of those micronutrients,” he added. “One thing that’s important is I want that quick release phosphorus, but I also want that to carry and help distribute micronutrients evenly at the feet of the plant. That will also be critical to getting that crop up and running.”

springuP is available now, and ready for delivery at the beginning of the year. You can start that process by going to AgroLiquid.com.