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AgriStrategies Giving Back to Michigan Dairy Ambassador Program During GLRDC

The Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference kicks off its virtual event on Thursday February 4. Thanks to its support from sponsors, the conference is now free to attend.

Steve Kluemper, founder of AgriStrategies LLC, is one of the conference sponsors and vendors. He’s keeping up with the spirit of paying it forward.

“For anybody who signs up to schedule a free consultation—we can talk about things that are on your mind and how I might be able to help—I’m making a donation to the Ambassador program that is supported by the dairy conference,” he said. “It supports high school and college students looking to explore careers in the dairy industry and helping promote the dairy industry.”

AgriStrategies is a consulting firm for all agribusinesses, not just dairy. Kluemper said he hopes to help those who stop by his booth to gain perspectives on their financial management.

“Maybe they need some financing for a project they want to undertake—I can help give ideas on how we might be able to do that to make sure the project is the right one for their business,” he said. “If it makes sense, then we’ll pitch it to some lenders and other capital providers.”

Kluemper said the goal is to find financial management duties that aren’t getting performed and keep things moving.

“There’s way too many things we need to get done everyday, and we have to make priorities on what needs done,” he said. “You have to make decisions [such as] what do we have in interest in and what do we have the aptitude for.”

To register for the Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference, click here. To learn more about AgriStrategies, click here.