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Advanced Agrilytics Expanding Agronomic Footprint Into Michigan

Precision agronomy company Advanced Agrilytics is spreading its coverage area into Michigan.

Jake Isley, precision agronomist, says what sets Advanced Agrilytics apart from other services is the recognition of uncontrollable circumstances in a field.

“We acknowledge that there’s going to be different environments within a 30-, 40-, 50-, or 5-, 10-, 15-acre field that we can’t change,” he said. “Our approach is [based on] what we know about that environment—we can’t change that—and start to work with what we can implement from an agronomic practice standpoint to maximize that acre.”

Isley says the farm, the field, or the acre can have a customized plan.

“We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach,” he said. “We sit down and as we’re working with growers, I’m talking about challenges within this field. I use our technical [tools] to help identify some of that character, that field, and make recommendations and suggestions because at the end of the day, that grower also has a tremendous amount of knowledge and history about that field.”

The Advanced Agrylitics agronomist team has a high-service approach from start to finish.

“We don’t want to deliver a recommendation and then leave,” said Isley. “We want to deliver a recommendation to say here’s what we’re trying to reach, and then we’re going to be back throughout the growing season while the crop is out in the field saying, ‘Hey, is this working? If it’s not working, what do we need to look at going into next year?’ We want to be able to help that grower maximize productivity and profitability with the technology and the equipment they have on their farm today.”

Isley said Advanced Agrylitics’ footprint is growing to cover the majority of the state. For more information, click here.