Soybean Producers to Engage in Ag Policy Discussions at Commodity Classic

Phil and Cindy Ramsey (at left) and Joe Stoller (at right) are among the ag leaders who are in Houston this week for the annual Commodity Classic event to discuss ag policies and check out the latest developments and technologies impacting the ag industry. Photo: C.J. Miller / Michigan Ag Today.


Commodity Classic is America’s largest farmer-led, farmer-focused ag and educational experience. This year, many farmers, producers, and ag leaders are making the trip to Houston for this week’s conference.

“This is the highlight of the year. A lot of work goes into this, and it is going to be one of the biggest Commodity Classic [events] that we’ve had,” says Phil Ramsey, an Indiana soybean and corn producer who is also on the boards for the American Soybean Association and the Soy Transportation Coalition.

He says he has a very busy week ahead, as he meets with other ag leaders from across the U.S. to discuss policies that have a major impact on the ag industry.

“The Farm Bill is the main focus right now in trying to get that passed before we have to have another extension,” says Ramsey. “There’s a lot of support for it and I think it could be done.”

“Another big one that just doesn’t go away is ‘WOTUS’ (Waters of the U.S. Rule). About the time we thought it had it put to bed, it raises its head again, so there’s still more work that has to be done to get that behind us.”

Ramsey also says Commodity Classic gives farmers a chance to meet one-on-one with executives from a wide range of companies—from equipment manufacturers to crop protection companies.

“This is the show to be at if you want to talk to the people who can make things happen. They like listening to us farmers because we the ones with our boots on the ground and using their products. The decisions they make directly influence our opportunity to make a living out here on the farm,” says Ramsey.

Commodity Classic is also an opportunity to check out the latest technologies—including drones and precision agriculture. In fact, you’ll be hearing a lot more about some exciting new technology over the next several days as part of our week-long coverage from Houston.

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