Track Costs, Profitability with Harvest Profit from John Deere

For most farmers, the least enjoyable part of the job involves either pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets trying to piece together how much money you’re spending versus how much money you’re making. Ben Longlet, digital specialist with John Deere, says they’ve launched software that can eliminate you having to “sharpen the pencil” and let the equipment you enjoy spending time in collect the data and do that work. It’s called Harvest Profit.

“This is a software tool that takes the data they’re collecting through Operations Center and the other areas of their farm and bringing it together and putting a financial lens on it so we can understand profitability of a field or a farm or different entities all within your farm operation.”

Longlet says farmers will just need to input some data and let Harvest Profit do the rest.

“We just need to connect their input costs. So, what do they pay for a bag of seed or a gallon of chemical? As well as their overhead costs and how much it costs for them to operate on a field whether they rent it or share crop it. We just bring everything together into one area and we do that financial analysis on it.”

With Harvest Profit, you can track your cost of production and profitability year-round. The real-time farm profit and loss information will allow you to take emotion out of your grain marketing.

“We work with a lot of customers who have come from using paper or an Excel sheet and what we really add is just bringing it to software and allowing these integrations so that we can pull data easily and quickly and make their job easier. So, we also connect into the futures markets, so every time you’re opening our software, you’re seeing the most up to date view of your profitability on your farm.”

Longlet says Harvest Profit can be used in more than just your John Deere equipment. In addition to syncing with the John Deere Operations Center, it can also integrate with other platforms like Climate FieldView.

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