McDonald’s Says ‘Thank You’ to Michigan Farmers by Buying Local

When your kids ask for that Happy Meal from McDonald’s, there’s a good chance those apple slices came from an orchard right here in Michigan. That cheese atop your Big Mac could also be coming from a Michigan dairy farm. That’s because McDonald’s of Michigan buys local and supports Michigan agriculture.

“We can’t thank all the Michigan farmers enough, and the suppliers, for all the great work they do… We’re just really looking forward to working with them in the future and continuing that relationship,” says Shawn Saputo, who owns and operates 9 McDonald’s restaurants in Central Michigan.

He says that some folks might see the big golden arches and forget that, much like Michigan family farms, McDonald’s restaurants are often multi-generational family businesses. Saputo is a small business owner just like you.

“The more we can tell our customers and our guests that we do buy local produce and products from the state of Michigan, the better off everybody feels. It’s a feel-good moment. It’s about the quality of our food and we’re just proud to be a part of that.”

McDonald’s does buy local, and in a big way.

“In 2021, the McDonald’s system purchased over $160 million worth of products from Michigan, and it ranges from apples to blueberries, corn, cucumbers, milk, pork, the eggs with Herbruck’s, Peterson’s, and Dietrich farms… it’s really impactful for the system, and we’re just really proud of it.”

To put it in perspective, the McDonald’s system buys nearly 56 million dozen eggs from Michigan farmers every year. That’s enough to make 660 million Egg McMuffins.

This National Agriculture Week, McDonald’s of Michigan says “thank you, farmers”, and they look forward to the continued partnership they have with you.

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