Bring Plant Population Down to Save Money, Maximize Yield

NK Seeds agronomist Ernie Newquist talks to Hoosier Ag Today at Commodity Classic 2023. Photo: C.J. Miller/ Michigan Ag Today

We’ll be planting before you know it!

“When I first got into the industry, we were planting 240,000 seeds per acre,” says NK Seeds agronomist Ernie Newquist. He adds you can save a bit of money by ratcheting that number down.

“With the research done by independent sources and universities, you can knock that back to 175,000 down to 140,000 plants per acre and generally be very safe and maximize yield.”

Newquist says with corn it really depends on what hybrid you’re dealing with.

“I have populations anywhere from mid to high 30s down to, when you get into dryland scenarios, below 20. So that’s all relative, but my recommendation is make sure you know what type of area you’re dealing with, and plan accordingly.”

For those areas that didn’t get these recent beneficial rains or snow over the winter and are still dealing with some droughty conditions, Newquist recommends planting as early as possible to utilize what little moisture is in the soil profile at the start.

NK Seeds product manager Matt Dolch. Photo: C.J. Miller/ Michigan Ag Today

Speaking of corn hybrids, NK Seeds product manager Matt Dolch says to be on the lookout for their 20 new corn products in 2024, their largest launch class in over a decade.

“NK provides industry leading protection and genetics to prevent against tar spot out in the marketplace. We’re excited to offer that in the NK corn lineup. Also, just when we think about our trait packages with genetics- DuracadeViptera™ providing excellent corn rootworm control through our Duracade portfolio. The DuracadeViptera™ trait stack provides a 4.1-bushel yield advantage against others in the market.”

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