Promoting Soil Health With DAIRY DOO

We’ve all heard the catchy commercial now on our radio for DAIRY DOO. If somehow you haven’t, click the play button above.

DAIRY DOO from Morgan Composting is a provider of sustainable, organic compost for homeowners and agribusiness. Vice President Justin Morgan says Michigan soils are different and soil health is their number one concern. So, they focus on the biology.

Morgan tells Michigan Ag Today that it starts with a soil sample so they can find the good, the bad, and the ugly.

“And what we can do with that soil sample is we can mix and match the ingredients, the nutrients, that you’re lacking in your soil. And after we mix and match that, we can make it for a corn blend or for a bean blend or a potato blend, we make all kinds of different tailor-made custom blends for farmers for their soils and their properties. And it seems to be really catching on throughout the state here.”

A common misnomer about the industry is that some associate the words “soil health” with “yield drag”. Morgan says you might get that yield drag from some companies- but not with DAIRY DOO.

“That’s what’s so unique about our custom blends. It could be for a conventional guy, it could be for an organic guy, and we can mix and match different brands. So, we don’t see that yield drag, and we actually start promoting healthier soil. And then our big thing is too, we’re not farming for next year. We’re farming for the next generation.”

Who is the ideal customer for DAIRY DOO?

“We’re blessed to be in a state where we can grow a ton of different crops, and people ask us what we’re in and honestly the answer is anything that you grow. It doesn’t matter if it’s the 15,000-acre farmer down the road or if it’s the backyard grandma doing a vegetable garden. We’re in all spaces, so it doesn’t matter what you’re growing.”

If you’re interested, Morgan encourages you to reach out sooner rather than later so you can start putting a plan together now. You can learn more at

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