Turning to Experts for Soil Testing and Fertility

If it is time for soil tests on your farm, consider having an expert help interpret the results so you can fine tune your fertility program this year. Reid Abbott, an agronomist with AgroLiquid, says the need for expert input became clear with the many issues last year.

“The things I think guys learned is they needed to turn to an expert to take a look at their soil test, take a look at what products have the best, most reliable research across a broad spectrum of different situations and geographies and be able to make that balanced fertility recommendation for their crop and get the most return on investment,” he said.

Abbott says a soil test is the best baseline you give yourself for an individual field and the whole farm.

“I like to take mine either in the fall or early spring. I recommend guys just stay consistent, whatever works best for him. I take a fall soil test to try to get that baseline, understand what our nutrient balance needs to be. I feel like we do a very good job of reading that soil test, understanding where a guy needs to spend his next dollar so we can get a maximum return on investment on that dollar.”

Abbott says it appears some of last year’s challenges could be present again this year. So, might it be time to look at the liquid fertilizer options at his company?

“We understand that guys aren’t necessarily experts at soil fertility or different fertilizer programs, but we here at AgroLiquid, we do feel like we have a good knowledge base. We understand how our products work, how other products work, how that whole soil system works based on that soil test, and so I feel like again, having guys utilize our expertise to bring them that knowledge onto their operation is going to be key to make sure that they’re spending those dollars wisely and getting return on those dollars that they’re spending.”

The AgroLiquid supply for ’23 should be good.

“We’ve maintained a very good supply and I think that we will continue to maintain a very good supply going through the 2023 year. There are obviously challenges and we encourage all of our guys to be taking a look at those markets, but I think we’ve positioned ourselves well.”

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