Case IH Says Supply Chain Issues are Improving Since Last Year

The ag industry’s top farm equipment manufacturers all have their newest items and latest technologies on display during the National Farm Machinery Show at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. Among those manufacturers is Case IH, who says supply chain issues have improved regarding the availability of their new farm equipment since this same time last year.

“I would say that overall things are improving—they’re not without hiccups, so there’s still times that you run into some supply chain challenges,” according to Joe Miller (shown above), Tractor Marketing Manager with Case IH.

He says his company has been working to overcome those supply chain issues.

“We have a dedicated team to mitigate those issues as fast as possible,” says Miller. “But you will still run into some issues, from time-to-time, where it’s a little bit more difficult to get a part or a component, but it’s not as widespread as it was earlier on at the onset of the pandemic.”

He says Case IH has been working to build up its inventory of their smaller-sized equipment that is more readily on display at your local dealerships.

“You’ll notice when you go to your local dealer that you’re going to see more equipment—particularly, under-140 horsepower tractors are going to be more widely available. Those are the ones that, historically, have been sold out of inventory. They tend to exist that way and are not pre-sold to the same degree as some of the bigger ones. But, when you get into the bigger equipment with more horsepower, there’s a lot of strong demand from customers and more are likely available through pre-sale, so the inventory is still pretty tight,” according to Miller.

But he adds that it’s still an overall matter of supply and demand. And since the demand is still incredibly strong for new equipment, that speaks positively for both Case IH and the ag industry.

“It’s great to be in a strong market. We’re also forecasting and being able to bring new products forward with an understanding of what the supply base needs to be for that. We’re just mindfully attacking every single one of those things to overcome supply issues,” says Miller.

Click BELOW to hear C.J. Miller’s news report and interview with Joe Miller, Tractor Marketing Manager with Case IH from the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.

Case IH’s “Dark Knight” Magnum™ series tractor on display during the 2023 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville. Photo: C.J. Miller / Michigan Ag Today.

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