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Planting Forecast: Mostly Rain-Free Memorial Day Weekend

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Through the weekend and headed into next week, MAT chief meteorologist Ryan Martin is forecasting that Michigan has a slightly better forecast outlook compared to areas further south.

“We look like we’re going to end up being rain-free across the entire state for Friday and Saturday and most of Sunday,” said Martin. “Sunday is going to be a little bit of a hiccup because there is a feature moving out of central to northern Wisconsin across the northern part of the state—probably seeing clouds further south. I don’t think we see a lot of precipitation threat.”


As for Memorial Day, Martin is expecting the same. However, by Wednesday he is expecting the pattern to break and turn wet.

“Scattered shows Wednesday, maybe again early Thursday,” he said. “We take a break next Friday, and then we have a front coming through next Saturday the 30th. That front right now gives anywhere from ¼ to a ½ inch for the entire state. It won’t take much though to boost rain totals because the days prior we will see a fairly active round of precipitation.”

At the end of the 10-day window, there will be a drier pattern emerging. Martin says it could hold until the first full week of June.

“We’re keeping our fingers crossed that many things can change,” he said. “Cooler temperatures are coming with that from a boundary passage, so while we’re dry, we won’t be inordinately hot. Temperatures will try and recover as we get closer to June 7 to 9.”