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One Organized Chance of Showers In Extended Forecast

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A high pressure system will be sitting on Michigan throughout Monday, keeping temperatures cool and humidity low.

“We’re going to see that high go away overnight Monday, and through Tuesday, we’re going to start to warm up,” said Ryan Martin, Michigan Ag Today chief meteorologist. “We’ll start to see temperature take off the second half of the week—no moisture coming with any of that.”

He forecasts the next round of organized precipitation will likely show up Saturday evening into Sunday morning.

“Scattered showers, maybe a rumble of thunder—doesn’t look like much coverage,” said Martin.

That moisture might cover 40 to 50 percent of the state and bring no more of a half inch of rain. A few hit and miss showers could develop into next week, but Martin said the balance of next week will be dry as well.

“Over the course of the next 10 days to two weeks, you’ve got one threat of moisture—not a big total—but we are going to be seeing heat, which will give a little more instability as you move into the extended 11- to 16-day window,” he said. “We might be quite active as we get ready to go toward the end of June.”