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Michigan Growers Taking Advantage of Warm, Dry Weather in Latest Crop Progress Report

Field Crops

Much needed rainfall was reported across many areas of the state last week. The precipitation was accompanied by continued warm temperatures and generally mild conditions, according to Marlo Johnson, Director of the Great Lakes Regional Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service in the second Crop Progress Report of the season.

There were 4.2 days suitable for fieldwork in Michigan during the week ending April 11,

Winter wheat condition held strong with a reported 72 percent of the crop rated in good to excellent condition. The above average temperatures have encouraged significant growth progress as well. Growers began to seed oats and barley as weather allowed. Sugarbeet producers took full advantage of planting opportunities and were able to make rapid progress throughout the week. Other activities included manure hauling, spring tillage, and equipment preparation.


  • Planted: 1%


  • Winter wheat jointing: 15%


  • Planted: 5%


  • Planted: 26%
  • Emerged: 2%


  • Planted: 46%


Fruit tree development accelerated due to a warmer than average March and April. Fruit was about 2 weeks ahead of normal due to the warmer weather. A radiation freeze on April 2 caused some damage to fruit though the extent was still not known. It appeared that Tart Cherries in the Southwest, especially those on poorer sites were most damaged. King bloom in apples was also damaged in some locations. Crop prospects for both commodities remained good even after these losses.

Peaches in the Southwest were in green calyx, red calyx or first pink depending on site and variety. In the Southwest, apples were at early tight cluster on varieties like Zestar and 0.25 to 0.5 inches on varieties like Idared, Red Delicious, and McIntosh. Apples were in tight cluster on the Ridge. In the Northwest, Gala and Honeycrisp were at green tip. Apple scab infection conditions were good last week and growers actively managed the disease with applications of copper.

Montmorency tart cherries in the Northwest were at side green while Balatons were in in green tip. Blueberry flower buds were swollen and leaf buds were showing green near shoot tips in the Southwest.