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How New Michigan Potash and Salt Company Will Work With Community, Farmers

Ground is getting ready to break at the new Michigan Potash and Salt Company in Evart. Jeff Kummer, COO, is anticipating that to happen sometime this fall, but before that happens, there’s plans for a community open house.

“The idea behind that is to open up our team and describe to the public what we’re doing, what it’s going to look like, how it will be beneficial to Michigan from the standpoint of jobs [and] bringing this strategic and critical mineral to our farmers in Michigan and across the Midwest,” he said. “That’s planned to be held at the fairgrounds in Evart.”

The project will take upwards of three years to complete, and it will be the largest potash facility in the U.S. Kummer says it will provide 300 jobs to Osceola County to build the facility.

“Thereafter, we’ll have 150 full time jobs that will be supported by the local community—it’s very much going to touch a lot of people, families, and local businesses, etc.,” he said.

The U.S. imports 96 percent of the potash it uses, so it’s essential to have this resource to benefit farmers.

“West Central Michigan sits on the world’s finest reserve of potash known anywhere in the world,” said Kummer. “It just so happens that within a truck’s distance away from this reserve, we are growing the world’s food. It’s really a blessing for our country, our farmers, and it absolutely needs to get built and will get built so we can bring that product to market to help our farmers.”

Kummer says the building will utilize the best technology to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

To learn more visit mipotash.com.