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Harvest Forecast: Harvest Window Open Before Big Time Pattern Changes

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MAT chief meteorologist Ryan Martin is calling for a better harvest opportunity as we end the month.

“We don’t have a good organized system coming through all of Michigan until closer to Thanksgiving,” said Martin. “The next couple of waves of moisture definitely want to affect areas farther to our south, so this may be the best dry window that you see.”

Martin said it’s not ideal because there won’t be any dominating sunshine, but the dry weather could last up to six days.


The best organized chance of rain that will come through Michigan will be Thanksgiving night into Black Friday, with totals of a quarter to three quarters of precipitation.

“You could see it come as rain and snow,” said Martin. “We follow that up with a second wave of moderate to heavy moisture for Saturday the 30th, and then as we move into Dec. 1, you’re going to be seeing rain change over to snow before ending.”

While there’s a lot of focus on precipitation over the next week, we’re also going to need to watch the temperatures. Moving through the next six to seven days, we’re going to be at and above normal.

“We’re probably going to be spending more time near normal than above because lack of sunshine is a big part of the issue with warming,” said Martin. “As we go toward December, we’re seeing signs that much colder air is pooling and wants to dive southward.”

Martin said that if between Dec. 2 and Dec. 6, temperatures could go below normal ad stay there through the December.