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Christmas Tree Demand Booming for Michigan’s Tannenbaum Farms

Christmas trees from Tannenbaum Farms in Mason, Mich. Photo: Tannenbaum Farms website

Based on the fall season, Tannenbaum Farms in Mason, Mich. knew this winter would be busy for u-cut Christmas trees.

“People would come and buy two, three, four, five pumpkins then ask, ‘Could we go for a walk on the farm?’” said Dr. Mel Koelling, owner of Tannenbaum Farms. “To me, that was an expression that they’re really tired of being cooped up—just wanted to take the kids and go out for a stroll. That was indicative to us that we were anticipating a very busy Christmas season.”

Koelling said he and his wife Laurie weren’t disappointed with the turnout. Typically, Thanksgiving weekend is the busiest day of the year for them. However, that was an understatement this year.

“The Friday after Thanksgiving, we opened at 9 o’clock, and without exaggeration, we probably had 200 people standing in line, waiting to go get a Christmas tree,” said Koelling. “We’ve had 100 before, but we never had 200.”

The Koellings sold more than 1,000 trees on Friday alone, and remained busy throughout the weekend.

“We were also busy the following Saturday—Friday typically is the busier day of the weekend,” he said. “Saturday was a very good day, and Sunday was more typical.”

Tannenbaum Farms has made adjustments due to COVID.

“We all wear a mask—we have signs up encouraging the population to wear a mask,” said Koelling.

On Monday, Koelling said Tannenbaum Farms began offering another service to keep those who want a real tree safe, getting inspiration from the restaurant industry.

“We have gone online with an order form where you can order a tree anytime,” he said. “We schedule a pickup Monday through Friday. They don’t have to get out of their car—we have credit card machines that we’ll take to the car window, take the tree that’s been cut, shaken, bailed, and drilled to accommodate a stand, and we’ll put it in their car. They never have to get out of the car.”

Koelling says they plan to continue that service through the season and into the next year.