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Big Plans for a Small Michigan Composting Business

Dairy Doo headquarters in Sears, Mich.

Morgan Composting has had a pretty successful 2020. Earlier in the year, they were named one of the top 50 companies to watch by Michigan Celebrates Small Business. Brad Morgan, president and CEO of Morgan Composting, said they’re getting ready for what 2021 will bring.

“We’ve been able to put up a very large hoop barn which has allowed us more opportunity to work all winter long for custom blends and being able to do things more conducive to the farmers themselves,” said Morgan.

Morgan said they’ve also invested in a granulator, which he expects is going to be a cost-effective, practical way of developing options for constant soil health improvement.

“We’ve put in a granulator at the warehouse in Marion, and we’re doing some biological compost granulars we’re working on today,” he said. “We’ve actually put in a granulation system that is actually going to create a granular compost product that can be blended with different fertilizers.”

Morgan Composting has been in the business for more than two decades. Morgan and his team have discovered that a little can go a long way.

“Constant, small applications of manure, compost, organic materials in a long-term agricultural plan, rather than large volumes of manure at specific times are very sensible for being environmentally friendly,” said Morgan.

Applied in this manner, runoff and contamination is reduced, and Morgan added it can make the soil biologically active.

“It can really play a long-term plan in soil health,” he said. “We now have a lot of farms that do small amounts of applications often.”

Mother Nature has been giving producers a gift with an extended dry weather pattern. Morgan says it’s a perfect time to continue to apply.

“Fall application, winter application, in this cool, damp weather, you keep the application rates sensible,” he added. “You’re really inoculating everything as well as adding carbon to the system along with the nutrients. It’s a perfect time to get a lot of extra work done and can help speed [up the process] for you in the spring.”

For more information on Morgan Composting, visit their website.