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Benefits of Using Pioneer’s Qrome Technology

Pioneer’s Qrome is the molecular stack technology. In simpler terms, Qrome products have two modes of action—one above ground and one below ground.

“We’re utilizing that proven insect control, Bt,” says Josh Whelan, Pioneer field agronomist. Most notably, we’re looking at Qrome for protection against corn rootworm, which can be a real problem in those heavy corn-on-corn acres.”

Whelan says the insect resistance can nearly double product opportunities and expands the germ plasm.

“We’re actually tying this into some of our older hybrids,” he says. “For example, we have 9193 AcreMax which is our standard molecular stack, and in a Qrome. If you’ve got an acre that’s got a little bit heavier rootworm pressure or insect pressure, look at moving to the Qrome.”

According to Whelan, Qrome products delivered 7.7 bushels per acre more than SmartStax. To learn more about Qrome, contact your local Pioneer dealer.