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AgroExpo in Michigan Brings Growers and Agribusiness Together

It’s that time of year in St. Johns, Michigan, for the annual AgroExpo. Burt Henry, Industry Relations Manager for AgroLiquid, share with Michigan Ag Today some of this year’s event highlights.

“You can expect demonstrations. We have planter demos, we have tillage demos, we have some electrical safety demos. Along with guest speakers in our speaker tent, we have a record number of almost 150 vendors on site. We have over 100 varieties of corn, 100 varieties of soybeans on display for people to see and to interact with the vendors about.”

Not only can farmers and agribusiness specialists learn about new technologies and agro-innovations, but families are welcome.

“They can look forward to several different vendors have activities for the kids also. We have the Michigan Foundation for Agriculture which will have a kid’s corner, and that’s what they’ll all be focused on. We have several other vendors; I just spoke with one that’s bringing in some corn and some small kiddie pool for the kids to use farm toys and things to play in. So, we have lots of different things throughout the show, the way they do tailor it to the younger folks. So, the parents can talk and the kids can play.”

Henry says there’s plenty of parking and lots to see this year.

“Just remember that we’re in St. Johns, Michigan, and no charge to get in or for parking.  All are welcome to come in and take a look at all the different equipment and all the different technology and come and learn about our industry.”

Don’t forget the food trucks and agricultural resource specialists on hand from Michigan State University Extension programs to farm machinery and asset management. The AgroExpo runs through Wednesday and is open from 8:30am to 4pm.