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AgriGold Offers Field GX™ Family of Corn Hybrids to Streamline and Diversify Seed Selection

Whitney Monin, National Agronomy Lead with AgriGold and AgReliant Genetics. Photo: C.J. Miller / Michigan Ag Today.

It’s all about streamlining and diversifying your corn seed selection, which is why AgriGold structures and categorizes their corn hybrids so you can find those that are best suited for your fields.

“We’re really excited to get some of these genetics in farmers’ fields,” says Whitney Monin, National Agronomy lead with AgriGold, which offers several different genetic families of corn hybrids which make up their Field GX™ system.

“Field GX™ is a very unique way here at AgriGold to identify the best family of products for the best farmers’ acre in the field,” says Monin.

How does AgriGold’s Field GX™ system help you and your farm operation?

“What Field GX™ really focuses in on is the management that the farmer is doing,” says Monin. “Whether it’s nitrogen management, potassium management, possibly fungicide management, we are taking that and marrying it with a family recommendation for a farmer.”

Monin says that AgriGold has just introduced a new family of corn hybrids called Field GX™ J.

“What makes our new Field GX™ J really interesting and significant is that it represents a new germ plasm host of background genetics that we’re bringing into our AgriGold lineup,” according to Monin. “It’s bringing hardy drought tolerance to the 84 to 100-day relative maturity (RM) that we have not seen in an AgriGold bag in the past.”

Every season presents unique growing conditions and environments, which is why Monin says using genetic diversity with AgriGold’s Field GX families will minimize risk and bring you higher corn yields.

“Whether it’s with our Field GX™ families, our agronomy support that we offer in the field, or our unique genetics, we are interested in continuing to drive on-farm success for our farmer-customers,” says Monin. “I would definitely encourage everyone to find their local AgriGold rep and get some on order.”

Find out more about AgriGold’s Field GX™ family of corn hybrids at AgriGold.com.

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