Case IH Unveils New Steiger® 715 Quadtrac at Farm Progress Show

Case IH has declared 2023 the “Year of the Tractor”. So, what better way to celebrate than to make a big tractor announcement in Decatur at the Farm Progress Show?

The new Steiger® 715 Quadtrac, unveiled this week at FPS, is the company’s most powerful tractor ever.

Tom Curley, Case IH global product manager for Steiger, says he heard many farmers in Decatur this week say, “I’ve been waiting for a tractor like this because the implements on my farm today, I can’t necessarily pull them as fast as I want to or as deep as I want to in certain conditions.”

Curley also shares some of the highlights of the new Steiger 715.

“It’s a new style hood, New Case IH styling, with higher output LED lights. That’s covering the purposefully built 16-liter FPT Fiat power train engine that has twin stage turbo charging. That engine is capable of 715 horsepower rated, 778 horsepower peak.”

Curley explains what they had to do to get that power to the ground to help customers productivity.

“We updated the transmission with numerous robustness improvements, updated the axles to some updated heavier duty axles, and then that power was transferred through building on 27 years of Quadtrac development, which is our new latest undercarriage, the Steiger Quadtrac HD undercarriage, or heavy-duty undercarriage.”

Curley says there’s also an updated cab with an optional upgraded sound system for when you want to hear our voices even better on Hoosier Ag Today.

When can you get one on your farm?

“We are currently taking orders,” says Curley. “We’ve had the price books out actually since June with our dealers and we’re starting production in 2024.”

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Click below to hear Eric Pfeiffer’s radio news report for Michigan Ag Today.

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