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2020 Harvest Nearing Completion

A majority of Michigan experienced warm and dry weather throughout the week, according to Marlo Johnson, Director of the Great Lakes Regional Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

There were 6.7 days suitable for fieldwork in Michigan during the week ending November 8, 2020. Dry conditions accompanied by significantly warmer temperatures allowed for substantial progress in harvest and fieldwork efforts.

Corn and soybean harvest made rapid progression as producers took full advantage of the overwhelmingly favorable conditions. Corn harvested for grain was at 77 percent with a reported moisture content of 19 percent. Soybeans harvested was at 92 percent with a reported moisture content of 13 percent.

Sugarbeet producers approached the conclusion of harvest as progress continued to outpace the previous year and five-year average. Other activities included crop-marketing, harvest trucking efforts, and equipment maintenance.